Publication software and content creation services for Malta

With an advanced economy and a booming property market, Malta attracts significant foreign investment. Inspired Publications creates high-end content in multiple languages and across many platforms, allowing you to reach the global citizens of this island country with ease.

Outsourced Marketing

About Inspired Publications

Inspired Publications supplies publication software, copywriting and graphic design services for print and online publications. Our proficiency with specialist software platforms grants our clients striking, visually appealing content, placing them firmly in the minds of their target audience.

We provide professionally designed content, including graphic design, engaging copy and content writing, document layout, digital and print publishing, multimedia software and publication hosting. Our clients rely on us to produce high-end magazines, eBooks, yearbooks, reports, brochures, catalogues, presentations, forms, newsletters, and much more.

How we work

Inspired Publications is a proudly South African company with an established international footprint and a proven track record of service excellence.

We believe in using superior software and tools to provide a wide range of publication and design services. We employ highly skilled professionals and strive for excellence in everything we do.

We are creatively minded, but systems driven. Our flair for design and creativity is underpinned by a rock-solid supply system.

Inspired Marketing uses trusted business process systems to consistently deliver optimal outputs on time. This means our clients are constantly kept informed through transparency and communication.

We strive to rise above the din of online content creation by adhering to a steadfast set of core values.

Why you should outsource your publication and design services to us:

  • Increased reach – the optimal combination of online and printed content reaches a multitude of consumers
  • Reduced costs – the EUR/ZAR exchange rate works in your favour to offer premium services at affordable rates
  • Multilingual – we work in multiple languages and manage multilingual campaigns with ease
  • Online hosting – we can host your content online in a virtual bookshelf
  • CRM automation – our internationally accredited CRM platform runs published campaigns automatically, freeing up your time and resources
  • Expert assistance and support – we are vastly experienced and always available to help
  • Insight into your market – we have an existing portfolio of European clients and understand the business culture and consumer market in Malta.

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