AffiliateINSIDER is a Google News-approved, curated content hub and affiliate marketing agency. The agency offers a range of affiliate programme management and consultancy services, helping brands launch, scale and grow their businesses.  Since its establishment in 2018, AffiliateINSIDER has grown into a trusted services provider and authoritative brand under the leadership of CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone.

The Situation

AffiliateINSIDER required assistance with the design and layout of their e-books and website.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Publications was approached to design and layout e-books for AffiliateINSIDER. This included creating advertising screenshots and product mock-ups of the books. Inspired Publications was subsequently tasked with designing and building the website for AffiliateINSIDER and the personal website of the company’s CEO, Lee-Anne Johnstone.


Design appealing and engaging e-books and websites for AffiliateINSIDER.

Desired outcome:

A collection of eye-catching e-books, which are readily downloaded by users. A user-friendly website with the necessary functionality to seamlessly manage news feeds and other curated content.

What we did

Inspired Publications provided the following services:

  1. Completed the design and layout of numerous e-books, working on AffiliateINSIDER’s own platform.
  2. Created advertising screenshots and product mock-ups for the e-books.
  3. Designed and built the personal website of Lee-Anne Johnstone.
  4. Drew up the site map for AffiliateINSIDER’s website, ensuring that the complexities associated with a news and content hub were catered for.
  5. Designed and built the website for AffiliateINSIDER.

The Result

AffiliateINSIDER’s popularity has grown exponentially in recent years and their excellent resources, such as e-books, and website have helped to fuel and sustain this growth.