Integrated Solutions Consultancy

Integrated Solutions Consultancy (ISC) is an international project management company with expertise across a wide range of market sectors, including building, infrastructure and engineering projects in the public and private sectors. ISC provides services relating to project management, contract management, competitive advancement, global development and building information modelling (BIM) from their offices in London, Cairo and Dubai. The recently launched ISC Academy provides training in the use of construction-related technology.

The Situation

ISC required assistance with content and design to promote their presence at London Build, a UK-based construction expo. They also wished to promote the newly launched ISC Academy.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Publications was approached to produce content and design material for ISC’s presence at London Build. This would include posters, digital promotions, magazine advertisements and social media posts. Inspired Publications was also tasked with designing a logo for ISC Academy.


Create awareness and excitement surrounding ISC’s presence at London Build. Design an eye-catching, professional logo for ISC Academy.

Desired outcome:

Attract many visitors to ISC’s stand at London Build, where they would be offered an engaging experience and thereby become potential new clients. Create confidence in the newly established ISC Academy.

What we did

Inspired Publications provided the following services:

  1. Designed advertisements for digital and print magazines relating to ISC’s presence at London Build.
  2. Designed posters for London Build, including QR codes which could be scanned at the event.
  3. Designed and created content for social media posts relating to London Build.
  4. Designed a product brochure for the Cracker suite of software solutions.
  5. Wrote a company profile on ISC for the Health Business publication.
  6. Wrote blogs for the ISC website and linked to these on social media posts.
  7. Wrote website bios for all ISC staff members.
  8. Designed a new logo for ISC Academy.
  9. Currently redesigning ISC’s website.

The Result

ISC’s presence at London Build was a great success, evidenced by the fact that they were awarded the prize for the Best Stand at the Expo. ISC Training Academy continues to grow in popularity and the ISC website will soon boast a brand-new look thanks to a redesign and restructure by Inspired Publications.

Integrated Solutions Consultancy