Willa Schoeman Diamond Investments

Willa Schoeman Diamond Investments has a client base of diamond investors in 35 countries across the globe. Willa Schoeman provides diamonds directly to these clients at international wholesale prices. Diamonds are a remarkable source of intrinsic value as they are portable, have timeless appeal and help to safeguard investment portfolios against inflation or currency weakening.

The Situation

After many years of supplying diamonds to jewellers, Willa Schoeman changed his professional direction and started dealing directly with private diamond investors. He required a website to help him build up an online audience and potential clientele.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Publications was approached to conduct market research for Willa Schoeman, build a website and online presence, and assist with presentations to potential clients.


Create a marketing strategy and online presence for Willa Schoeman Diamond Investments.

Desired outcome:

The establishment of a professional website and online presence, aimed at educating and expanding Willa Schoeman’s audience and client base.

What we did

Inspired Publications provided the following services:

  1. Conducted market research via various workshops with Willa Schoeman.
  2. Identified various personas with whom Willa Schoeman wished to communicate.
  3. Built a new website and online presence for Willa Schoeman Diamond Investments, aimed at educating his audience on the benefits of investing in diamonds.
  4. Assisted with presentations for potential clients by adding animations, graphs and other dynamic elements.

The Result

The website for Willa Schoeman Diamond Investments is a valuable source of information on the value of diamonds as an investment. Thanks to a professional website and online presence, Willa receives numerous enquiries each month from interested investors all over the world.

Willa Schoeman Diamond Investments