The Castery

The Castery is a platform that brings quality South African podcasts together. The shows on the Castery are representative of a country with different races, interests and personalities. The Castery aims to help South Africans to get to know one another, so that they can appreciate each another and celebrate their differences.

The Situation

The Castery was referred to Inspired Publications for help with a presentation that they wished to pitch to potential investors.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Publications was approached to redesign and upgrade The Castery’s existing presentation to investors. The initial brief was to give the presentation more impact so that it would be more effective at eliciting action. However, after careful consideration, Inspired Publications helped The Castery to clarify what they wished to achieve with the presentation. The desired target audience was found to be agencies requiring podcasts, rather than potential investors.


Create a presentation which tells the story of The Castery’s aim to promote, host and create quality local podcasts in South Africa.

Desired outcome:

A presentation that appeals to agencies who require advice and assistance with the creation of branded podcasts.

What we did

Inspired Publications provided the following services:

  1. Identified the personas that The Castery wishes to engage with.
  2. Mapped out the relevant business processes required to reach out to these personas.
  3. Created a story structure for a revamped presentation, aimed at eliciting maximum response and engagement.
  4. Currently in the process of redesigning and restructuring The Castery’s presentation directed at advertising agencies who require branded podcasts.
  5. Assisted with strategic direction and planning for The Castery’s long-term vision as a viable business.

The Result

The Castery has benefited greatly from the mapping out of their business processes and assistance with strategic planning and direction. The next steps for The Castery include targeted, niche presentations for separate interest groups, such as advertising agencies, potential investors and the general public. Podcasting is still in its infancy in South Africa, so opportunities abound for The Castery to innovate and create value in this space.

The Castery