DKT WomanCare

DKT WomanCare Group seeks to increase women’s global access to safe sexual and reproductive health technologies. The Group advocates for increased availability, accessibility and affordability of sexual and reproductive health products for women all around the world.

The Situation

DKT WomanCare required training material for medical professionals relating to one of their products, a contraceptive implant.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Publications was approached at the end of 2019 to produce training material relating to the use of the Levoplant contraceptive implant. Since then, Inspired Publications has produced multiple training workbooks, e-books, presentations, infographics, user guides and a product catalogue for DKT WomanCare.


Design and layout material in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian) to enable medical professionals to administer and advise on a variety of sexual and reproductive health products for women around the world.

Desired outcome:

The availability of material that enables doctors, pharmacists and nurses around the world – often in remote settings – to empower women in terms of their sexual and reproductive health.

What we did

Inspired Publications provided the following services:

  1. Designed training material for various female reproductive and sexual health products.
  2. Laid out material in multiple languages, with insight and understanding into the unique requirements and nuances of each language.
  3. Designed e-books, workbooks, presentations, user guides and catalogues for WomanCare products and procedures.
  4. Designed material for internal staff communication relating to the WomanCare loyalty programme, such as logo designs and newsletters.
  5. Ensured that all material is accessible and useful to medical professionals around the world, regardless of the facilities available in their home countries.

The Result

The provision of professional training material in multiple languages has proved enormously valuable to WomanCare and the professionals who advise on their products. During the Covid-19 lockdown WomanCare was able to do valuable work in terms of protecting women around the globe with the help of infographics created by Inspired Publications.

DKT WomanCare