Crawford International

Crawford International (formerly Crawford Schools) is a leading private school group in South Africa, with nine schools located in the wider Gauteng area. The schools strive to prepare young people to meet the challenges of the future via academic excellence, mentoring and future-focused, globally relevant education.

The Situation

Crawford International Pretoria required help with the design and conceptualisation of a yearbook for students at their Colllege. The yearbook was required to be fun, interactive and to showcase and involve the students as extensively as possible.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Publications was approached to produce a yearbook for Crawford College in Pretoria. In addition to designing the yearbooks, Inspired Publications was also required to help with structuring the content, identifying themes for the year, organising photo shoots and collating the required information. The yearbook was such a success that the Preparatory School also requested their own yearbook the following year.


Involve the Crawford College Pretoria students in the yearbook project, so that it reflects their experience of the year. Feature selected students on leader pages and advise on content and themes, where necessary.

Desired outcome:

The design and production of a dynamic yearbook in both digital and print format to showcase the Crawford College Pretoria memories from each year.

What we did

Inspired Publications provided the following services:

  1. Advised on the theme and content for each yearbook.
  2. Organised photo shoots with students.
  3. Selected students to be featured on leader pages.
  4. Collated all relevant information and content.
  5. Designed the yearbook in two formats – a print and digital version.
  6. Created engaging multimedia content for the digital version, such as videos, audio clips and links to work created by the students. Students are also able to digitally sign the digital yearbooks.
  7. Digitised and archived all previous printed copies of Crawford International Pretoria’s yearbooks, dating back to 1996, when the school first started. 

The Result

After starting with a yearbook for Crawford College, Inspired Publications was also asked to produce a separate yearbook for Crawford Preparatory School in Pretoria. The digital version of the yearbooks has surged in popularity, but printed versions are also still produced, often including QR codes which provide access to features from the digital version, such as video clips and audio files. QR codes are also made available in the school library, where they provide access to the entire digitised archive of previous yearbooks.

Crawford International